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8330 Old Hwy 90, Orange, TX 77630 Phone: 409-745-1953 Fax: 409-745-5069                                     Business Hours: Monday through Friday, 7 AM to 4 PM.


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Loading out a truck.


These are assorted dimensional timbers.


These are assorted 3x8's and 12x12's.


This is 2 bundles of 8x8-12'.

Rogers Lumber Company is a PINE only Sawmill. We do not cut any other species of wood. We specialize in big dimensional timbers for industrial construction, but we do also produce some lumber from the sides of those timbers.The lengths that we produce are from 8' to 20'. Our product is not grade stamped but we call it a mill run, #2 or better. We do not produce lower graded lumber. We only sell quality material. We also have a planer mill to surface timbers for large orders. We do not sell dressed lumber retail like the building products stores do. For more information on any product, fill out the form at the bottom of this page and we will get back with you as soon as possible.


Some 1x6-16' that are often used for corral fencing.


This is what our 1x4's and 1x6's look like on the green chain.


This is some of our 2" lumber on sticks to dry.


Bundles of 3x8-20' waiting to be surfaced.


This is our bark pile. We debark all logs before they are sawn up. We sell it for $30 a load (About 5 yards).

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A Bundle of 10x10-20' ready to ship.