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As of 2008, Rogers Lumber Company ceased its logging operations. Nowdays, we buy all of our logs by the ton, delivered to our mill. We depend on our relationships with consulting foresters and logging contractors to supply us with logs year round.

If you have timber that you would like to be harvested, fill out the form below and we will pass your information on to the consultant or contractor that we think would best suit your needs based on location and amount of timber.


A Log truck pulling onto our scales. This is the type of logs we want to buy!

Rogers Lumber Company, Inc.

8330 Old Hwy 90 Orange, TX 77630

(409) 745-1953


Log Specifications



 If you are a logging company, you must call and talk to Jeff Rogers to get the current gatewood prices.




Butt Sizes: 36" maximum limit. Minimum limit is 10". Excessive flare will not be permitted. Butts should not have over a 3" slope. Not be step cut, or have stump pull.


Trim: Flush and parallel with the stem.


Knots: Ring knots are unacceptable. Any knots larger than 5" are unacceptable.


Crook & Sweep: Doglegs are unacceptable. Sweep over 2" by the bowstring method in any 8' section is unacceptable.


Foreign Material: Logs with nails, spikes, wire, etc. will not be accepted. Delivery of logs containing foreign material will result in a fine and/or termination of contract


Deductions: Deductions will be made for the above listed defects as well as red heart, cat face, splits, broken tops, damaged stems, diseased areas, dead wood, and logs more than 4" longer than the specified minimum lengths listed above. No worm holes or bug holes allowed.


Load Limit: 90,000 Pounds Gross Weight (Under  no circumstances over 100,000)



Woodyard Hours:    7:00 AM - 4:00 PM        Monday through Friday



Our 624 wheel loader moving some logs in our log yard.


Unloading some logs.

If you have timber that you would like to have harvested, fill out the following form, and we will pass it on to one of our logging contractors.

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Pine logs at Rogers Lumber.


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